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Ernst & Young – Conference, Twickenham Rugby stadium, London

EY logo (2) copyYoung graduates at EY know how to work hard, meet deadlines and targets. Being able to manage stress and make good eating a priority is also vital for effective performance. My “Beat Stress & Eat for Success” seminar was customised for EY, and proved popular with the 140 delegates in each of the 4 sessions I presented over the 2 day Conference in March 2015. A total of 1400 EY delegates gathered at Twickenham from all over the UK. I also enjoyed working with TwentyFirst, the event organisers, who organise outstanding live events that bring new ideas, initiatives and products vividly to life.


Marathon Oil – fit for the future

marathonoil_wIt is 30 years since the first barrel of oil came from the Brae Field. As part of their celebrations in February 2014 and ongoing health and wellness commitment to the Brae teams, I provided a healthy eating stall. This was designed to give nutrition information, engage individuals (in a non-threatening manner!), and to provide an opportunity to discuss eating habits and health challenges. Many myths and misunderstandings about food and health were discussed throughout the day.

Talisman-Sinopec Energy UK – health promotion for the team

talisman-sinopec-wThe company required a series of seminars as part of their monthly, themed, health promotion programme. For example, during their “Healthy Heart” month, I presented a seminar entitled Facts about fats, and the truth about cholesterol. During the winter flu epidemic, I presented Eating to boost your immune system, and to prepare the team for the annual corporate 10k fun run I put together a presentation on sports nutrition that explained which foods fuel exercise, prevent muscle cramp and promote recovery.

I currently visit Talisman House every month to offer one-to-one appointments with anyone who wants to discuss food and nutrition issues. I also write a regular newsletter with topical information about the impact of food on brain function, mood, attention levels, sleep patterns, stress, bone health, weight management and how to prevent type 2 diabetes.

“Chris’s seminar transformed my thinking about food, what I eat and how it affects how I feel. A real eye opener!”
P.D. Talisman-Sinopec Energy (UK) Ltd.


imorph – food for thought

imorph-logo-1colour-noEABimorph deliver training courses that are engaging, stimulating and effective using Active Brain techniques. The courses are held over several days and delegates are provided with snacks and lunches throughout the training. Director Caroline Hughes recognised that good food can boost brain function and maximise creative thinking for the delegates, whilst poor quality food can cause brain fog and lethargy. I worked with the imorph catering team to design menus and snack foods which provide brain boosting nutrients and help to prevent that often occuring afternoon slump.

Total Oil – energising the team

Total oil_wTotal invited me to present my energising seminars as part of their health promotion programme in 2013, and again in 2014. The teams based at St Fergus oil terminal had different challenges to those in Aberdeen, but the seminars are having a positive effect on food choices and knowledge about nutrition and health. Even the maintenance teams at St Fergus, well known for their resistance to change, became open to new ideas!

The James Hutton Institute – eating to beat stress

The James Hutton Institute (formerly the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute) conducted a staff survey which revealed which areas of occupational health were considered a priority for their staff. Because the Institute was reorganising and redundancies were in the air, stress scored highly in the the survey as a factor that needed attention. Support from many health professionals was offered, including my Beat stress and eat for success seminar. This showed how certain foods can add to stress. With this information and the inspiration from the seminar,  individuals were able to make some small, but significant, changes to their eating habits.


Paull and Williamsons LLP – explaining the myths around food

This leading firm of solicitors in Aberdeen organised a staff development and team building away day. Individuals were challenged to try new activities, and my energising seminar explained some of the myths and misunderstandings about food. At the end of the day, the teams were empowered to make better food choices, knowing more about what really goes into modern foods and how this can affect energy levels, headaches, allergies, joint aches and pains.


Scottish Institute of Business Leaders (SIBL) – food to give you the edge

In successful companies, CEOs and senior executives must have the vision to make key decisions. They also need a specific type of support to help them achieve their personal and corporate aspirations. Membership of SIBL offers this support, and a monthly programme of top speakers, networking and a supportive and confidential peer group community. I was invited to speak at one of the SIBL meetings where mental energy and foods that give you the edge was the focus of my presentation.

“Chris Fenn not only imparts the key information about what we need to know about nutrition but does so in a very engaging and entertaining way. Chris is the very embodiment of good health and is in herself a great ambassador for wellbeing. I can heartily recommend Chris to both individuals and corporates seeking to improve their performance and personal lives.”
Drew Pryde, Chairman SIBL


Talisman-Sinopec Energy UK – nutrition training for medics

talisman-sinopec-wThe company operates a number of offshore installations. The medics who live an work onboard require ongoing training and development. Food and eating habits offshore have a big impact on health and productivity of the offshore teams. I developed a nutrition training course for offshore medics to give them a better understanding of the links between food and health in an offshore environment.


BP Emerging Leaders Course – eating for performance

The energy company choose potential leaders and executives to attend their Emerging Leaders course. Delegates get training to develop their management and leadership skills. I was asked to be a tutor on the course and my focus was understanding how food can affect the mood and performance of your team.



Petrotechnics – eating to de-stress

The company’s health promotion week involved a “de-stress week”. My Beat stress and eat for success seminar was a popular and successful addition to the programme. I also gave a special presentation about food and alcohol in the winter months. This included a food quiz to get people in the Christmas spirit, but it was also an effective way to test individual knowledge and dispel any myths about eating patterns during the festive season. With greater understanding, individuals were able to make better choices, change their attitude towards food and enjoy the holiday without feeling lethargic and overfed.

Maersk FPSO UK Ltd – achieving healthy working lives

The company’s aim is to achieve the Healthy Working Lives Award. This requires an evaluation of food provided by caterers and information to support good eating habits for staff. I am currently working with the Maersk team to develop a series of seminars as part of their programme for the Award.