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Most of my talks to the public are booked by local interest groups. Groups I have visited include:

  • The Women’s Institute
  • The Rotary Club
  • The Probus Club
  • The Aberdeen Oil Wives Group

And I have given talks at:

“I am a keen hillwalker and supported my training with a well known brand of sports drink powder. I was prone to nausea and headaches with an acrid taste left in my mouth after a day in the hills. Following a workshop with Chris I stopped this supplement and chose a natural pure fresh juice drink diluted to taste, with a pinch of salt added to it. It’s so much  more refreshing and has no side effects. I also made some additional small changes such as changing to decaf coffee and from margarine to butter. All in all some small changes, but the effect has been tremendous.”
Fiona O’Neill, PE teacher at Brechin Academy and Duke of Edinburgh Award leader

“Chris is excellent. An expert in her field who grabbed one’s attention throughout.”
A.T., Aberdeen Oil wives

“Chris’s presentation was really fascinating. I sat absolutely enthralled and am inspired to make some changes to my eating habits.”
F.N., Primary School Teacher.

“I really enjoyed Chris’s course. There is so much confusing information about food, but she was able to explain the science of nutrition in ways that made sense! Thank you.”
S.B., Reflexologist

“Chris’s chocolate workshop was hugely interesting and entertaining. She gave us reasons, not excuses to eat chocolate!”
Anne Carmichael, MD, TESOL Training Scotland