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Occupational nutrition

How efficient is your team? Are your staff energised, happy, healthy, and ready to face the day with confidence and enthusiasm? This is the ideal situation, but often the stresses and strains of the fast-paced modern workplace will mean that some or all members of the team will be performing below par. They may be tired, anxious, moody, apathetic and/or stressed. They may be suffering from headaches, indigestion, bloating, gas and/or constipation.

The root of these problems often lies in what and how your team eat and drink.

My stress-beating seminars can counteract these problems by offering your staff the essential information necessary to help them make better food choices. I am not prescriptive but give simple tools and techniques that facilitate the small changes in eating habits that can make large benefits to energy levels, brain power, and overall health.

The seminars are tailored directly to your needs, but the following themes are very popular with my corporate clients:

Seminars are suitable for:
  • Corporate team building days
  • Lunch and learn sessions
  • Workshops for health professionals
  • Staff development programmes
  • Stress management and performance for HR professionals
Please give me a call on 01339 882487 or drop me an email to discuss what you would like to do. You might also like to take a look at my corporate cases studies to get an idea of my experience and what my clients say about me.