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Boost your immune system


“I really enjoyed Chris’s course. There is so much confusing information about food, but she was able to explain the science of nutrition in ways that made sense! Thank you.”
S.B., Reflexologist

Do you seem to catch whatever virus is doing the rounds? Would you like to learn how to boost your immune system, without the toxic side effects associated with drugs or vaccines? Then this workshop is for you.

You will learn …

  • How to understand your immune system
  • How a healthy gut is your first line of defence
  • Which probiotic drink (the ones with the “good” bacteria) is best
  • Which nutrients boost your immune system
  • Which foods fight the invaders
  • Which vitamins are important, and how much you need
  • Which supplements really work and are worth buying

There are so many foods that can boost your immune system naturally. And it’s really easy to incorporate them into your eating habits. They will help you to keep yourself cold and flu free this winter.

This is a popular one hour seminar, but times can be adapted for your needs.

To find out more or to book please call me on 01339 882487 or drop me an email.