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The good news about chocolate


“Chris’s chocolate workshop was hugely interesting and entertaining. She gave us reasons, not excuses to eat chocolate!”
Anne Carmichael, MD, TESOL Training Scotland

Chocolate is a wonderful food! Now, I bet you are surprised to hear a nutritionist say that. Chocolate is one of the earliest health foods and is the most craved food (especially by women). This seminar explains the history of chocolate, how it is made and how to choose the best.

You may be thinking that, in terms of health, you need to eat very dark chocolate – and that you may prefer milk or white chocolate. This seminar will explain how wrong you can be, and show you which milk chocolate can taste good and do you good – and why.

This seminar is a celebration of chocolate – the taste, the texture and effect on mood. I believe that an important aspect of good nutrition is enjoying the food you eat. So come and learn more about the food you love (and understand why a lot of people crave it and describe themselves as chocoholics). You will also get to taste and compare different chocolates, completely without guilt!

This is a popular two hour seminar and tasting session.

To find out more or to book please call me on 01339 882487 or drop me an email.