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Eat for fitness



“I thoroughly enjoyed Chris’s presentation and found it very interesting. I certainly have a number of new things to try over the coming year.”
L.L., recreational runner, keen to improve his 10K performance

If you are training for a marathon, 10k, corporate team building event or simply want to get the most from regular exercise this workshop is for you.

You will find out which foods can improve your exercise performance. You will learn …

  • Which foods will fuel your fitness or training regime
  • Why dehydration can drag you down
  • How sports drinks work, and which you should choose
  • How to make your own sports drinks and energy bars
  • Why certain vitamins are essential for exercise
  • The causes, and prevention of cramp
  • What to eat to aid recovery and prevent injury

I will explain what your body needs during exercise and which foods are the best choices to fuel your muscles.

This popular seminar is suitable for absolute beginners as well as experienced and elite athletes. It usually runs for 1–2 hours, but times can be adapted to your needs.

To find out more or to book please call me on 01339 882487 or drop me an email.