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Feeding your skin


“Chris’s presentation was really fascinating. I sat absolutely enthralled and am inspired to make some changes to my eating habits.”
F.N., Primary School Teacher.

Does your skin feel dry and tight after washing with soap? Do you, or your family suffer from unexplained skin rashes, headaches, eczema or psoriasis? Do you know what goes into most commercial brands of soap, moisture cream, shampoo and bubble bath?

The truth is that most contain harsh detergents, colourings and preservatives which are absorbed by your skin.

This talk is all about how what you put into and onto your body can be a source of toxins. But don’t worry. I will show you how to  reduce your toxic load from both food and toiletries. You will learn …

  • How to read and make sense of food labelling
  • What goes into foods and skin products
  • How these affect health, energy and wellbeing
  • How natural soaps and skin products can feed your skin

To find out more or to book please call me on 01339 882487 or drop me an email.