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Food for your heart & mind


“Chris’s seminar transformed my thinking about food, what I eat and how it affects how I feel. A real eye opener!”
P.D. Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd.

Long hours at work, or staring at a computer, can sap your stamina. What you eat has a dramatic effect on how you feel, your mood and energy levels.

Fats in the diet have a special role in mental function, mood and brain power. Mention fat however, and most people conjure an image of greasy foods. And rightly so: these are the fats that clog your system and block your brain. The good news is that quality foods, which contain the essential fats, are tasty, satisfying, can sharpen your thinking, and help you lose weight.

This seminar will teach you the facts about fats. You will learn …

  • Why fast food can mean slow thinking
  • Which fats can boost brain power
  • What is so special about omega 3 fats
  • Which is better: butter, or margarine, and why?
  • The story of cholesterol
  • How to eat to your heart’s content
  • The good news about red wine
  • How to eat chocolate properly

What you learn will inspire you to make small changes to your eating habits and gain huge benefits to your overall health and vitality.

This is a popular 1–2 hour seminar, but times can be adapted for your needs.

To find out more or to book please call me on 01339 882487 or drop me an email.