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How to lose weight … without dieting

You may not believe this, but dieting makes you fat.

If you feel sluggish and lethargic and overweight, you may be resolved to go on a diet in the hope of losing a few pounds. Or, you may be on a constant diet faithfully counting calories, but not losing weight. There are plenty of diets to chose from, and no shortage of new diet products and pills to help you shift the flab. The irony is, however, that the dieting industry is getting bigger and bigger, and so are we.

This seminar will help you to understand the reasons why you have put on weight, and dispel some of the myths about dieting and the slimming industry.

You will learn …

  • If so many of us are trying to lose weight, why are we getting fatter?
  • Why dieting makes you fat!
  • Why a calorie is not just a calorie.
  • Dieting plans and slimming products: how they work, or why they don’t
  • Why low fat foods can make you fat
  • How to make better food choices, and lose weight

The seminar usually lasts for one hour, but times can be adapted for your needs.

To find out more or to book please call me on 01339 882487 or drop me an email.

You will also find lots more on this subject in my new book Forget the Fear of Food. Buy the book.