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What do you eat – and why?

What will you eat for lunch? As a creature of habit, you may reach for the same sandwich you always eat. Or, if you are travelling, you may be spoilt for choice and be faced with a dizzy selection of Italian pizza, juice bar, or take away sushi? There are many factors which affect what we choose to eat, but availability is a major one. I have visited North Sea offshore oil and gas platforms, where the menu selction each day is impressive. Most of the fresh food comes out of a container, which is delivered by a supply ship. These can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. This means that the fresh cabbage inside is slowly losing its vitamin C content during the journey. How much vitamin C ends up on the plate will then depend on the skill of the chefs, and the length of time the cabbage is kept warm. However, people offshore don’t tend to worry about the cabbage. Rather, it is the arrival of the fresh fruit which gets people talking. There are apples and pears, but it is bananas and grapes which seem to hit the spot offshore. These are the first to disappear when the fruit bowls are replenished. Once they are gone, there is a long wait. Individuals stare longingly at the bowl, watching apples wrinkle, and hope that the supply ship will arrive early. Limited supplies are a feature of remote places. Last week, I visited Cape Wrath – the most North Westerly point on the UK mainland. It is an adventure to get there – cycling, ferry, and then more cycling or walking along 11 miles of rough track to the light house at the end point.

 I have always wanted to go there, not least to see what is available on the menu in one of the most remote cafes, The Ozone Cafe. The food choice was limited by what could be delivered by small boat and minibus. However, arguably, whatever was on sale would be eaten by those visiting? Luckily, the day I visited, there was home made soup and cakes on the menu.


Making changes to your eating habits not only involves a conscious decision to “eat this and not that.” Availability of foods is part of the complex equation. If you would like help and advice to make some changes to what, when, and how much you eat … please send me an email, or phone, to discuss your needs and book an individual consultation.

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