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Forget the Fear of Food

Do you follow the conventional advice – go on a low calorie/low fat diet and wonder why you lose a bit of weight, and then get “stuck.” This book explains why this happens, why all calories are not the same, and why low fat foods can make you fat.

If you have lost weight … and put it all back on again, perhaps it is time to take a different approach. Learn about the psychology of eating and discover what makes you eat what you eat. Are you in control of your eating habits, or do they control you? Find out about your pattern of eating and the reasons why you put on weight in the first place. With this new understanding, it is possible to make positive changes to your eating habits which can be sustained, and can lead to long term weight loss rather than a quick fix and another failed attempt at dieting.

The ebook version is available to buy directly from the publisherNeed2Know Books

“Your book is excellent because it achieves what you set out to do. Sometimes these matters can become too technical, so it’s great when someone can put the message over in a clear and concise way. You write extremely well. Congratulations on a good job.”

Fraser Clyne – Self employed sports writer, five times Scottish Marathon Champion, and running consultant.