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Caffeine – Grounds for Concern.

How to give up, or cut down on, caffeine.

caffeine book - cover with frame2Are you hooked on caffeine? Do you need a daily shot to kick start your brain and lift your mood? Do you suffer from headaches, indigestion or acid reflux?

Caffeine is a substance found naturally in tea, coffee and un-naturally added to soft drinks, cold remedies, sweets, chewing gum and many other products. But do you sleep well? Do you leap out of bed each day, feeling alive and invigorated and ready to get the most out of life?

If not, then caffeine is probably dragging you down and draining your energy.




Discover …

  • How caffeine affects your mood and energy levels
  • How a good nights’ sleep can energise your day
  • A fabulous new way of feeling with better sleep and vibrant health.
  • How to think more creatively work more effectively and pack more into each day without constantly feeling tired

A step by step guide to …

  • reduce your caffeine intake,
  • give headaches the heave-ho,
  • overcome that afternoon slump
  • boost brain power and have more energy left at the end of the day.


ebook available soon.